Canadian visa application (eTA)

Canadian visa application - Get your eTA in 3 easy steps!

2) Make an online payment

Payment Methods: Credit Card

3) Check your e-mail address

Quick and smooth eTA process. Once your payment is received check your e-mail

Canadian visa requirements

Canadian visa application

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eTa Canada Questions

If you have planned a trip to Canada and are with the preparations, there is something essential you should keep in mind. It is mandatory to present a travel authorization to enter this huge and beautiful country. To do this, you must ask your government for permission. How is it done? By taking the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Today we tell you how to get this authorization quickly and easily.

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How long Can I stay in Canada

How long can I stay in Canada

This is always a complicated subject for anyone wishing to visit Canada and stay there. If you are planning your vacation in Canada or you are visiting your family, if you want to stay in Canada for business or as a traveler, you will need to have certain documents and fulfill certain requirements. No matter the reason for your stay you need to have valid travel documents in order to be permitted to enter the country of Canada. At the point of entry, the agents of the border patrol can determine if you can stay for more or less than 6 months. If this is the case, the agent will indicate on your passport the date on which you need to leave the country. The agent can also provide you with a written document.

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