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Canadian visa requirements

Canadian visa application

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Canada Visa for Belgian citizens

Canada Visa for Belgian citizens

Throughout history, Belgian citizens have migrated to Canada in search of job stability, economic growth, and expansion of their cultural knowledge. Hence, there are more than 154 thousand citizens with Belgian ancestors in Ontario or Quebec, so if you are thinking of traveling to Canada, you will feel at home given a large number of Belgian citizens already in Canada. It’s a 7 hour and 39-minute flight but it certainly brings great benefits for those who join in the adventure, especially if you are a French-speaking entrepreneur or professional, as Belgian citizens have the reputation in the country of being excellent in their ventures and are highly recommended when doing business.

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Canadian Visa Bahamian Citizens

Canadian Visa for Bahamian Citizens

According to the policy of Canadian visa, there are so many nationalities that do not require the usual visa to visit Canada for tourism, medical reasons, and short term business meetings. If they needed to travel to Canada for these purposes, all they have to do is, they need to qualify for a Canadian eTA, which means they just need to follow an online process of making e-visa, which gives a permit to foreign nationals to travel and enter Canada.

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