Even though holidays are a great time to forget about responsibilities, work, and routine, you can take advantage of this to expand your knowledge and open yourself up to new cultures, experiences but above all to explore areas of interest that you cannot interact within your daily life. Canada is the ideal place to learn about whatever catches your attention since it has different museums, galleries, and observatories where you will learn about history, natural sciences, architecture, dinosaurs, astronomy and more.

Best of all, it’s easy for a Dutch citizen to travel because you only need a valid passport and an eTA to Canada to stay in the country for 90 days. The authorization is processed online by filling out a form with your details. Then you cancel the application with your credit card and only have to wait a maximum of 72 hours to receive the approval response. If the application is approved, the Dutch citizen will be able to create an itinerary to visit the best educational places in Canada. However, we have listed the 3 best, so you can maximize your experience.

Dutch travelers experience Astrotourism at Mont Mégantic in Canada

Once the Duct traveler is granted an eTA to Canada, they typically travel to Quebec where the Mont Mégantic National Park is located which was declared the world’s Dark Sky international reserve in 2007. Located at the highest point of the park is the Mont Mégantic Observatory, positioned as the most important astronomical observatory in eastern Canada. Throughout the park, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sky, since the place is conditioned to be free of light pollution, which will allow you to explore the stars, constellations and other planets more easily. At night, the telescopes and other observation instruments are available to the public for a more enjoyable experience.

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fitness the wreckage of the Titanic in person at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the museum has a collection of artifacts that belonged to the Titanic. It is the biggest collection that exists in the most emblematic ship in the world. The collection at the beginning was from objects that were found along with the search of the bodies during the shipwreck. However, with time, the relatives of the tragedy decided to donate to the museum all those objects related to the Titanic. In the exhibition, you will learn about the ship’s furniture, clothing and other personal effects related to that time.

The museum where Dutch travelers learn about science

All Dutch travelers who have an eTA to Canada, love to travel to Ontario because they have the opportunity to take a tour around the Royal Museum, the Art Gallery and especially the science center where you are allowed to enjoy all the exhibitions. In this center, you can watch documentaries and short films to nourish your knowledge about science, although the best feature is its rooms, which have a space exhibition, another one about the human body and an area for contact with nature. You can also visit the planetarium where there are moon and mars rocks, learn about the use of different relevant scientific devices and have fun with technology through the different activities that take place every day in the museum. Best of all, it is easily accessible by metro and is open all year round.

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In fact, in Canada, there are so many options available to learn as much as possible, such as the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, where you can see incredible works of art by Susan Point and Joe Becker, as well as marvel at the contemporary art exhibitions and the European pottery gallery. In Ottawa, you can also visit the Canadian War Museum where you can take a tour of Canada’s history and how it was affected by the war. Finally, in Edmonton, you will find the Alberta Museum of Art, which displays photographs of Canadian and international artists, as well as historical and contemporary works, sculptures and installation pieces. Being able to travel to Canada and visit all the museums, observatories and galleries is a once in a lifetime experience, where you will not only learn amazing features of history and human life but also create the most incredible memories you will never forget.

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