eTa Canada QuestionsIf you have planned a trip to Canada and are with the preparations, there is something essential you should keep in mind. It is mandatory to present a travel authorization to enter this huge and beautiful country. To do this, you must ask your government for permission. How is it done? By taking the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Today we tell you how to get this authorization quickly and easily.

1. What is eTA, and when is it necessary?

The eTA is a travel authorization that is requested to travelers who wish to visit Canada for tourism, business or transit purposes whose stay is less than six months. This permit is required since August 2015 and can only be requested by foreign visa-exempt travelers.
Submitting the eTA is mandatory so that, if someone flies to Canada without this authorization, they run the risk of not being able to access the country and also of being fined.

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2. How long is the validity of eTA Canada?

The validity of the Canada eTA starts from the date it has been approved. The Canada eTA has a duration of five consecutive years and can be used to make several trips to Canada, as long as the passport is also valid. You can verify the validity of the eTA in the email you receive with your approved eTA. If your passport has expired, the Canadian ETA can no longer be used. In this case, you must renew your passport. When you have a valid passport, you can renew your eTA to Canada by completing the online form. If you have never applied for the Canadian electronic visa, eTA, the process is quick and easy. To apply for eTA, you need to meet three basic requirements: a valid passport, an email address and a debit or credit card. The eTA to Canada determines the eligibility of travelers, and you must provide your personal information and your passport details. All people requesting an eTA go through the same process. eTA Canada is an automated system that identifies travelers before leaving for the country.

eTa Canada Questions

3. How do I apply for an eTA to travel to Canada?

To apply for the eTA, you don’t have to go to the Canadian embassy or consulate. You can carry out this management from your home since it is a straightforward procedure you can do online. In addition, it is also very fast. In most cases, the travel authorization arrives in a matter of minutes to your e-mail.



Documentation required upon request:

Valid passport
A valid and active email address
Supported payment method (some of them are: Visa, MasterCard or American Express card). Check our website for more information on how to pay the eTA.

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4. What type of information do I need to complete an eTA application?

To apply for an online eTA, you must provide certain biographical information such as your name, date, and place of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, and passport number. You should also answer some simple context questions to determine if you can enter Canada.
For example, you will be asked about your current job and how much money you have available to visit Canada, and if you have any health problems.



5. Can I apply for an eTA for my child?

Yes, if your children are listed in your passport, a separate Canadian eTA must be processed for each child. Note: If your child’s eTA data does not match your passport data. You may have to suffer delays when boarding your aircraft, or your entry into Canada may be rejected.


6. Is it possible to include more than one person (as well as the dependent) in an eTA application?

No. Each person must submit an eTA Application separately. Although there are no age restrictions, you cannot process more than one Canadian eTA visa application at the same time. You should keep in mind that, in addition to the eTA, there are some requirements to travel to Canada with minors.



7. Is it possible to submit a group application for eTA?

No, you have to apply eTA one person at a time. However, you can do it all in without the presence of applicant physically on your computer, as long as you know the accurate data.

eTa Canada Questions?

8. What happens if I made a mistake (like an email address or passport number) on my eTA application

The eTA Canada visa form consists of sections related to the applicant’s essential biographical data and passport information. You must enter and verify your data very carefully when processing your eTA Canada Visa. If you realize that you have made a mistake in the eTA application, contact us as soon as possible, by writing to (put your business email here) or contact us through this link (link to your contact us page)

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9. Can I apply for an eTA using a document other than a passport?

Unfortunately, you can’t. A valid passport is mandatory for the application.
The eTA to Canada is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport. That is why if the passport expires, even if the 5 years have not elapsed, the eTA is no longer valid. Before applying for an eTA, the passport must be valid. It is the essential requirement to obtain an electronic visa to Canada.



10. What payment processors I can use to pay the eTA application fee?

We accept major debit, credit cards, and PayPal. If you have any problems paying the eTA, we are ready to help!

11. Do I have to apply for an eTA each time I travel to Canada?

The eTA you have got is valid as long as your passport does not expire. Therefore, you can only apply once and only required to apply again if you renew your passport. The validity of the eTA was also determined by the Canadian government and is similar to the validity of the US ESTA. The validity of the eTA begins the day it was approved. Then, it expires following your passport validity.

12. I must travel to Canada for exceptional circumstances. Is it possible to get my eTA urgently?

During the application process, please include in detail the urgent situations you are into. Though, most of the online applicants will usually get a reply within minutes.