ETA Canada is an electronic travel authorization that replaces a visa for Canada. An eTA is cheaper and faster to obtain than a Canada visa. You can use it for holidays, business trips, and visits to family or friends and study in this country. However, you must fulfill the related conditions. The essential requirement is that the duration of your stay does not exceed six months.

What does eTA mean?

The abbreviation ETA stands for an Electronic Travel Authorization. To obtain this authorization to travel to Canada, complete the eTA Canada application form on this site and make the corresponding payment by Credit Card, Visa Card, MasterCard, or PayPal. You do not need to go to the Embassy of Canada to request a passport stamp or physical document.

Once your request is approved, the travel authorization will be automatically linked to your passport. The eTA is valid for five years and allows you for several trips if none of them exceeding six months. The travel authorization is also systematically sent to your airline and the immigration service upon your arrival in Canada. After obtaining an eTA, you only need to present your passport to prove that you are authorized to enter Canadian territory.

Do I need an eTA for Canada?

If you are flying to Canada and you are not a Canadian resident, you need an eTA or Canada visa. Do you have neither? In this case, it is not possible for you to check-in for flights to Canada. To avoid any problems, it is recommended that you submit your eTA or visa application one or more weeks before departure.

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When is an eTA request not necessary?

If you have applied for and obtained a work or study permit, you have also automatically received a travel authorization. In this case, you only need to apply for an eTA if you want to enter Canada after the expiration of the previous approval. This may be the case if the passport, with which the work or study permit was applied for, has expired or if the eTA has expired (five years after its issue).

Also, you do not need an eTA in the following cases:


  • you arrive in Canada by sea or by land,
  • you have a valid visa for Canada
  • you have a valid Canadian passport,
  • you have a valid Permanent Resident (RP) card,
  • You have a permanent resident travel document.


How does the application procedure work?

You submit your eTA request by filling out the request form. You can also use the form to request travel authorizations from those accompanying you. Filling out the AVE form will take you approximately five minutes<

Requirements for Cypriot citizens

Cypriot citizens have no visa requirements. Indeed, like many countries, including Cyprus, it is no longer imperative to apply for a visa at the Canadian Embassy before landing on Canadian territory.

Since 2015, to facilitate procedures for travelers, travelers from member countries are exempt from visa if they want to discover Canada. They will have to complete an eTA electronic visa application. ETA Canada, is valid for five years and is done online. No need to leave your home. Once approved, your eTA will exempt you from a visa to Canada. If you already have a valid eTA, you do not need to re-apply.

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To complete the eVisa Canada form without difficulty, you must have your valid passport and a means of payment. Generally, this process is carried out in 10-15 minutes on our website.

If you have a problem, our team is ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us. It should also be noted that the passport with which you are traveling must be a biometric or electronic passport, which is necessarily the case in Cyprus. Once your electronic visa application is made, it is instantly attached electronically to your passport. It is not necessary to print it. Before dropping off your luggage at the airport, you have to confirm that your sTA application has been approved. Otherwise, you will be denied access to the aircraft.

What are the deadlines for obtaining an eTA for a Cypriot?

Your request must be made no later than 72 hours before flying. On average, approval takes only a few hours, but sometimes it can take longer. If the 72h period is exceeded, you can still complete the request. You must expect to have this authorization before taking the flight.
Canadian visa for Cypriot citizens


Make sure to respect the following 3 points:

Passport: the expiration date needs to be at least six months from the date of arrival in Canada

Email address: this address will be used when it comes to sending you a copy of your authorization. As we said above, you will not have to print it, as it will be attached electronically to your passport.

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Payment method: during your request, you will be asked to make a payment. For the security of the transaction, you do not have to worry, because SSL provides it.

ETA for Canada is mandatory for all travelers arriving by air. If you use land or sea, you don’t have to worry about the eTA.

In the case of transit through Canada, it is certainly possible that you will be required to complete a visa application. All the same under certain conditions, there is transit without a visa (China and Taiwan).

ETA Eligibility Requirements for Cypriot Citizens:

  • ¬†Cyprus citizens can apply for ETA
  • Cyprus was a launch member of the Canadian ETA program
  • Cypriot citizen enjoy quick entry using the program

Other ETA requirements:

  • Cyprus citizens can apply for eta online
  • ¬†It is valid for arrival by air only
  • Visitors must have an electronic passport that is machine-readable
  • The program is for short businesses and medical visits
  • You must be over 18 for the program otherwise require a parent or guardian