Canada is an amazing country rich in architectural monuments, natural attractions, and ski resorts. Vacation in Canada is truly diverse and interesting, and anyone will like it.

Tourism in Canada became much more accessible after the introduction by the Canadian government of the Electronic Travel Authorization ( eTA ) system.

Getting a Canadian visa for Croatian citizens can also be interesting for the reason that at the moment about 200,000 Croatians live here as students or workers. It’s always nice to hear a native speaker in a foreign country, isn’t it?

However, in addition to this, you also need to know what a tourist can expect while visiting this North American country.

Getting around Canada: transportation tips

Canada – the country is not just big, but huge – in terms of area, it takes second place in the world (after Russia). Accordingly, the issue of moving over great distances is quite acute. Fortunately, in Canada there is no problem – travelers have access to airplanes and trains (including special tourist ones), a well-developed bus system, as well as a large network of high-quality roads.

The main national airline company is Air Canada. It operates flights throughout Canada and international destinations. In addition, there are many low-cost airlines, as well as regional companies serving certain parts of the country: Air Canada Jazz, West-Jet and others.

The total length of the railways of Canada is 36 114 km. The main national railway company is the federal-state corporation VIA Rail Canada, which has a network of railway routes across the country.

VIA Rail trains operate transcontinental transportation across Canada, connecting Toronto (Ontario) and Vancouver (British Columbia). Train rides are operated 3 times a week in both directions in transit through Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Jasper.

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This route is popular with tourists, giving them the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of three crossed mountain ranges (the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains and the Coastal Range), as well as stunning panoramas of glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls.

An intercity bus is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel around the country. Each Canadian region has a developed intercity bus network. The leading transport company is the Greyhound Bus Company, the largest bus company in the world.

Best places to visit with your family

The best attractions in Canada await tourists and their families in the following places:

– World Waterpark (Edmonton). This is the world’s largest indoor water park, its territory is 20 hectares. It can simultaneously rest up to 40 thousand visitors. And the variety of entertainment is guaranteed: you can freely ride on slides and attractions, swim in the wave pool with an artificial tide, go to the oceanarium or relax in a cafe.

– Waterpark “Calypso” (Ottawa). It is the second-largest water park in Canada and one of the best water entertainment centers in the world. It is located 35 km east of Ottawa and has been operating since 2010, exclusively in the summer. This place is intended for all age groups. In addition to a variety of slides and pools, there is a spa, shops, bars, and restaurants.

– LocoLanding Adventure Park (Penticton). At this place, exciting events on land, in water and in the air are waiting for you, including jumping from a height, boating, go-karting, mini-golf, climbing trails, tightrope walking, aerosol, etc. A visit to this amusement park will not leave anyone indifferent.

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– Stanley Park (Vancouver). It is one of the main attractions of the city. Here you can also ride a bike along the promenade, and on the territory – on a tourist train or in a horse-drawn carriage, go to the aquarium, play golf, swim, etc. Families with children will enjoy a walk to a small local farm with goats, ponies, and llamas.

Canadian visa for Croatian citizens

How safe is Canada for travel?

The overall crime rate in the country is low, the order on the streets is strictly maintained, serious crimes in Canada are rare.

Tourists are advised not to lose their vigilance on the outskirts of Ottawa and Montreal, at major train stations, metro, buses, and trams, close to tourist attractions.

Large amounts of money should be stored on cards or in hotel safes, only copies of documents should be carried with you, and you also need to carefully monitor valuable personal items.

During the winter season, the danger is heavy snow, which can make it difficult to travel on roads. It is worth remembering that during the holidays & festivals the traffic greatly increases.

Why do I need an eTA electronic visa to visit Canada?

An electronic visa eTA to Canada is required for citizens of those countries that are on the visa-free list and want to visit Canada for tourism or business purposes. Croatia has been on this list since 2016.

Every citizen of Croatia who wants to enter Canada for a period of more than 90 days or for purposes other than those permitted under the eTA program can fill out an application form on the website

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We recommend that all travelers from Croatia fill out their application for eTA in advance (72 hours before departure).

Based on the results of the consideration of the electronic application, a message is sent to the specified email about the permission to enter or refuse. If you need to provide additional documents in paper form, then their list will also be sent by employees to the current e-mail address.

Remember, the absence of an eTA will not give you the right to board an aircraft.

Canadian visa for Croatian citizens