As a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most countries in the world decided to introduce health cards to control the spread of the virus. The Canadian government introduced the ArriveCAN, which is an online form including health information and travel details of every fully vaccinated traveller who plans on entering the Land of the Maple Leaf by land, air, or sea.

Travellers can obtain ArriveCAN either using a mobile app or applying online with any electronic device. The form must be filled out within 72 hours before the intended entry into Canada, and the ArriveCAN receipt confirming its completion will be checked by the customs officials upon entry.

Currently, Canada allows only fully vaccinated foreign visitors. What is more, it must be the vaccine approved by the government of Canada, i.e., Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca, or Pfizer.

How does ArriveCAN work?

The ArriveCAN is an entirely online system. Before filling out the health form, travelers firstly should make sure that they meet all the entry requirements to enter Canada.

Every eligible passenger needs a stable Internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop to complete the Canadian health form.

All travellers should remember that ArriveCAN is to be filled out not earlier than 3 days before entry into Canada.

How to fill out the ArriveCAN form?

To obtain the receipt of the ArriveCAN form, you only need a couple of minutes. The application form requires answering a few questions concerning your health and providing vaccination information. There are simply 3 steps to follow:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Online’ button, and you will be directed to the ArriveCAN form. After providing all the required health-related, travel, and personal information, you will also be asked to upload your vaccination proof.
  2. Pay the ArriveCAN processing fee selecting one of the preferred methods of online payment.
  3. Download your confirmation of the ArriveCan from your email address and take it for your trip to Canada.

What are the questions of the ArriveCAN form?

The ArriveCAN requires answering the questions related to the following:

  • contact details,
  • reasons for your trip,
  • travel-related information (arrival and departure dates, arrival port in Canada, number of your flight),
  • details of taken vaccination and information related to the current health status of a traveller,
  • countries that a traveler visited within the last 14 days, and the possible quarantine information (accommodation, food access, etc.)

Who needs the ArriveCAN?

The ArriveCAN health form must be completed by every person who wishes to visit Canada and enter the country by land, sea, or air.

Passengers coming to Canada by air or land are obliged to complete the health card before arrival. In turn, those who enter Canada by sea can use the ArriveCAN system upon arrival since applying for the sea voyage may be impossible due to the lack of a stable Internet connection.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and those registered in the Indian Act are allowed to visit Canada without the obligation of completing the ArriveCAN form. However, they are strongly advised to use it not only for their safety but also for the safety of other travelers.

ArriveCAN application requirements

Before starting to use the ArriveCAN system, all travellers should check whether they meet the following requirements:

  • to be free of COVID-19 symptoms;
  • to have taken the full series of coronavirus vaccination (the last dose must be received at least 14 days prior to entering Canada);
  • to take a molecular COVID-19 test within 72 hours before departure flight to Canada.

Use ArriveCAN only if you are sure that you meet all of the requirements mentioned above. Otherwise, you may be unable to enter Canada.

ArriveCAN app

Travelers who plan on visiting Canada can fill out the health card either on the online website or using the ArriveCAN app. The ArriveCAN app includes the same health document but operates as the mobile app form. In turn, an online form is to be completed on the website.

Upon completion of the Canada health form, a traveler will receive the ArriveCAN receipt. It must be presented to the customs officials. It is unnecessary to print it out, just download the receipt and save it on your phone.

Whether you prefer to use the online website or a mobile app, make sure you download the confirmation of your health form.

Benefits of ArriveCAN

The country’s authorities introduced the system of ArriveCAN primarily to ensure the safety of travelers coming to the country and control the spread of coronavirus cases.

Nevertheless, all those who travel to Canada can benefit from the ArriveCAN system too. Main benefits include:

  • problem-free and smooth entry to Canada
  • ensuring safety both of foreigners coming to Canada and the country’s citizens
  • intuitive online system
  • the confirmation delivered directly to the traveler’s email inbox
  • a health form requiring only the most crucial health and travel details