Canada eVisa for Singaporean

Over the years, Canada has become a desirable destination for people around the world. Modern cities, a varied and rich culture, very nice people, and opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level are attributes that this country of America offers, and that makes it the ideal place to live, work and study.
Many arrive in Canada with the desire to spend a great vacation or stay a season studying or working. There is an excellent education system in Canada, and its job opportunities attract many students. If you are Singaporean and you want to live an incredible experience in this country, you must know the different types of visas to enter the Canadian territory. Then, you must understand the different types of visas.

Considerations for applying for a Canadian visa

When applying for a visa to enter Canada, several factors determine the type of document you need. First, the purpose of your trip: work, study, tour the country, etc. You must be clear about your objective so that you carry out the corresponding procedure. Second, your time of permanence. The type of visa you request will determine the time that you can be legally within the country. Also, it depends on your nationality, your academic and professional experience. Your level of English and your financial solvency are also factors that you should take into account when making your request. Then, the Canadian government will evaluate your application.

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 eVisa for Singaporean

Types of visas to enter Canada

Canada has an open policy for immigration. It means that within the country, a great variety of cultures live in harmony can. People say there is a place for everyone in Canada. The Canadian government has two immigration services; each of them has different characteristics and requirements. For that reason, visitors have several visa choices that offer benefits that suit their purposes.

#1 Tourist visa

With this visa, the applicant can visit the country or study for six months. Keep in mind that this document does not allow you to work legally in Canada.
Depending on the country where you live, you can request an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or a Visitor Visa. The eTA has a cost of seven Canadian dollars and can be requested by people from Singapore as well. On the other hand, the Visitor Visa has a cost of 100 Canadian dollars and can be requested by people from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Costa Rica (for example).

#2 Working Holiday Visa

This document is ideal for people who want to work in Canada. With this visa, the visitor can remain within the country, legally, for a year, and has the possibility to study and work part-time or work full time. It is for these reasons that this process is so coveted.
Although this seems the ideal visa, certain conditions apply at the time of application. For example, you must be between 18 and 35 years old; You have to make sure that your country is in the list of countries that can opt for this procedure, have the necessary funds to cover your expenses during the first months and among other important requirements.

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The cost of the procedure is 150 Canadian dollars. In addition, you should keep in mind that this visa can only be requested once in a lifetime, and limited places.

#3 Student Visa

If your main objective in Canada is to study, this information will be beneficial. Within Canadian territory, students can take language courses (English and French) and take study programs that are of interest. As you could read before, the tourist visa allows you to study within the country for a period of up to six months. However, if the course or program you want to do lasts longer, you must apply for a student visa that allows you to be within Canada for a more extended period. Also, if you want to study and work at the same time, you must apply for this visa to be able to obtain a job legally. During the school period, you can work 20 hours a week and during the holiday period, you can work 40 hours a week and spend your free time to get to know the city more thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you are taking a language course, you will not be able to work. Unfortunately, this benefit is only available to students pursuing university studies or technical programs at institutions certified by the government of Canada.

#4 Post Graduation Work Permit Canada

If you have already completed your studies in Canada, but wish to remain within the country to gain work experience or study further, you can apply for this visa. The main requirement to apply for Post Graduation Work Permit Canada is to have completed a course or study program with a minimum duration of eight months within a government-accredited institution.
If the course you took had a duration of eight months to two years, your period of stay would be equivalent to the period of duration of your study program; In the event that the course you took had a duration of more than two years, the Canadian government can grant you a stay permit of up to three years.

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Canada eVisa for Singaporean

Undoubtedly, the experience of studying abroad sounds fascinating, but before packing your bags, you should start organizing your trip and investigate the necessary procedures and requirements you must meet and perform, respectively. For many Singaporean, this process may seem complicated and confusing; and for that reason, some companies offer advice to make visa applications. Your website Name is a great example.
You may think that when you arrive at your destination, you will be alone, but that is not entirely true. Stop seeing photos and dare to live an experience full of good memories by touring incredible places, meeting wonderful people, and learning many new things in Canada. Do you dare? Then pack your bags, prepare your visa, and fly! Canada has been waiting for you!