Present Canada is a place of tranquility and refuge for people of different nationalities and religions. This is one of the safest places on earth – a real utopia. It has a high standard of living, a stable economy, and the level of education in Canada is one of the best in the world.

Canada has ski resorts, high-level of English and French classes, and amazing national parks. The capital with dignity – Ottawa, picturesque Quebec and framed by the mountains of Vancouver, maples and hockey – this is not a complete list for “must-see” by a tourist. Is all of the above already not enough to become interested in this country and visit it at least once?

In recent years, the number of Portuguese tourists regularly enjoying the beauties of Canada has increased significantly. One of the main reasons for this is easy to obtain a Canadian visa for Portuguese citizens.

Main goals of the eTA program

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a new electronic system introduced by the Government of Canada in order to be able to permit or deny entry into Canada for residents of countries who do not need a tourist visa to cross the Canadian border.

The introduction of an electronic Canadian visa for Portuguese citizens and some other countries is designed to increase the level of security of this North American country. Previously, people who did not need a visa to travel to Canada could fly without any obstacles, often immigration officers did not even have a clue about who this person is. Now the immigration service has a full story of all travelers arriving in Canada, and if the candidate is a “not desirable element”, the immigration service has the opportunity to deny this person the opportunity to come to Canada.

ETA system was developed by the Government of Canada in 2015, but due to elections and other circumstances, its introduction was delayed until November 2016. Starting in November 2016, this system for obtaining electronic permission to enter Canada becomes mandatory. Portugal is one of the first participants in the Canadian eTA program.

An eTA is issued within 72 hours from the date of application and is sent by e-mail to the applicant. eTA is required before boarding an aircraft. This requirement applies to those who plan to use air transport to travel to Canada.

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Any Portuguese citizen who wants to enter Canada needs to:

  • To be healthy;
  • Not have a criminal record or previous immigration intent that was denied;
  • To convince the immigration system that you have connections with his country — such as family, work, study, real estate, bank accounts — that is why you will return home after visiting Canada;
  • Demonstrate enough money to stay in Canada. (The amount you need may vary. It depends on the expected length of stay in Canada, as well as where you live – at the hotel or with relatives and friends).

To view the full list of requirements and conditions for applying for eTA, as well as apply for its registration, you can visit our website. In order not to overload your nervous system and save strength for a pleasant trip to Canada, we recommend entrusting your journey to our company! Our well-trained specialists will quickly solve all the problems and inaccuracies that may come your way to Canada.

Apply today here and discover the beautiful country of the maple leaf!

Canadian Visa for Portuguese citizens