Travelers who want to visit Canada will need eTA or electronic travel authorization. If you are wondering what’s an eTA is, we would love to help you.

Electronic Travel Authorization:

Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA is the entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals who want to travel to Canada by plain. It has the system to be electronically linked to the passport of the traveler. The validity is up to five years. The validity also ends when the passport expires. Whenever a traveler gets a new passport, he needs to get a new eTA Canada.

If you have an eTA, then you can travel to Canada for short stays, for instance, six months. However, a traveler does not require an eTA Canada for traveling inside the country. However, just having an eTA Canada does not ensure your entry to Canada. On arrival, a border security officer will definitely check the traveler’s passport and other related documents, like, for example, US Green card. A traveler should be able to convince the officer that he or she is eligible to enter Canada.

In order to get access to eTA, you need a valid passport and a good internet connection. You need just 15 minutes to fill the form of eTA Canada. You have to pay the handling charge too. You will receive the eTA Canada within the next 72 hours. A traveler can use eTA Canada for the purpose of transit, tourism, or business.

Canadian Visa for Irish Citizens

eTA for Irish citizens:

It is mandatory for the Irish citizens to apply for an eTA Canada for entering Canada on a short term basis. The purpose of their traveling can be anything, for instance, transit, business, tourism, medical purposes, and so on. The eTA program has been started as a move to prevent terrorist activities. It is mandatory to carry a Canadian visa for Irish citizens. They need to complete the electronic visa application before boarding an airplane to Canada.

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Canadian visa for Irish citizens is essential. Therefore, it is advised that a traveler completes the eta application at least 72 hours before the date of departure. Only a full Irish citizen can apply for eTA Canada. It usually takes just 5 minutes to get the eTA processed and approved.

An Irish citizen will not require to present any document at the airport because eTA Canada gets stored electronically in the passport in the Canada Immigration System. An Irish citizen must be above eighteen years of age to apply for an eTA. Also, it is worth noticing that eTA is valid for arrival by air only.

Interesting facts about Canada:

Canada is the biggest country in the entire Western Hemisphere. After Russia, it is the second-largest country in the world. It has ten provinces and three territories. The population is about 37 million. When we are traveling to a country, it is necessary to know all about that country. Hence we are sharing some funny as well as interesting facts about Canada. Let’s have a look:

  • Half of the landmass of Canada consists of forests.
  • The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway all across the globe.
  • When it comes to Uranium mining, Canada is the world leader.
  • After Saudi Arabia, Canada is the second-largest oil reserve oil holder.
  • In Canada, there are more than 2800 hockey rinks, as it is the second most popular game in the country. Golf comes first always.
  • The National Holiday of Canada is also known as Canada Day, and Canadians celebrate the day on 1st
  • The literacy rate is as high as 99%.
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Interesting facts about Ireland:

If you do not know much about Ireland then have a look and get your mind blown:

  • The fourth-largest stadium in Europe is located in Ireland.
  • Ireland has bagged the sixth position in the entire world for average consumption of beer per person.
  • Patrick of Ireland was not Irish. He was from mainland Britain.
  • The much popular Halloween derived its inspiration from an Irish festival called Samhain.
  • Irish people invented the submarine.
  • The remains of St Valentine is at Dublin Church of Ireland.

Hope the article comes handy for those who need details related to eTA Canada.