Do you know where the second cleanest air on the planet is? Yes, folks, Canada. This incredible country is also the second-largest in the world and has the longest coastline internationally, measuring approximately 202080 kilometers. It is a sports-loving country which has hosted the Olympic Games on three separate occasions. Furthermore, about 15500 white polar bears live in Canada. It is all these small details that make the country fascinating and the main reasons why every year thousands of Italians travel to be dazzled by Canada.

Step by step guide for Italian citizens apply for an eTA to Canada

First of all, every Italian should know that an eTA to Canada is an electronic travel authorization that allows you to stay in the country for 90 days, as long as your travel intentions are for tourism or business. This refers to a business if you have been invited to a business event or conference by a Canadian company. The advantage of applying for this authorization is to avoid the need for extensive legal paperwork at the embassy since you can apply for it online.

  • Step 1: you must have a valid passport and a credit card. It is important that the passport is from Italy and the card is enabled for online payments.
  • Step 2: you must fill in the application form with your personal information. Also, check for transcription errors or fictitious data. Its veracity determines the approval.

Once the 3 steps have been completed correctly, it is only up to the Italian citizen to wait around 72 hours at the most if you have been approved or not with the permission to travel to Canada. The whole process will only take 10 minutes of your time and you can do it at any moment of the day as the service is permanently enabled.

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Fun activities for Italian citizens to do in Canada

When an Italian citizen enjoys the great benefit of being approved with an eTA to Canada, there are endless possibilities for fun in this wonderful country, which our expert team will guide you through to make the most of your trip.

  • First of all, you must go by boat along the Niagara Falls, which is incredibly fun because you will feel very small due to the immensity of the 3 waterfalls that make up the falls. Then, you can ride a bike along the roads in the area and admire the beautiful natural scenery.
  • If the fear of heights is not your thing, you should go to the highest platform with glass elevators better known as the CN Tower located in Toronto. This particular tower is approximately 447 meters high, which will allow you to see the entire city of Toronto in a panoramic way. Although its glass floor may leave you breathless.
  • If you travel to the north of Canada, you can go sledding where the sled is pulled by 6 dogs, which will make you discover wonderful places. The best season to do the sleigh excursions are between December and March, although to enhance the fun, you can go with a group of friends.
  • On the other hand, you must visit Yoho National Park, since, at 1300 kilometers, it has approximately 56 different mammal species, as well as an impressive fossil spot and the highest waterfalls in the country, Wapta, and Takakkaw. Along the way, you will always have reasons to surprise yourself in this amazing park.
  • If you love winter and summer sports, such as skiing, camping, kayaking or canoeing, you have to visit Elk Island, National Park. This phenomenal park is also home to bison, serfs, elk, and white-tailed deer, which you can meet at any time of the year, as the park is permanently open to the public.
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When an Italian has the approval of an eTA to Canada, you have the doors open to exploring one of the best countries in the world, not only for being the cleanest but for the security it offers to the tourists, the hospitality with which they are welcomed in all places and different options to entertain during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if you go alone, in a group with friends or accompanied by family, the experience will be unforgettable since Canada has impressive places for all tastes and ages.

Canadian Visa for Italian ctizens