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How much is an eTA for Canada ?


There are many nations which are friendly to Canada and maintains a good, supportive, positive relations with Canada. The people of these countries generally do not require any type of visas like educational visa, work visa, business visa or tourist visa to enter Canada which are required by the people of other countries. So for them, the Government of Canada has introduced a new document authorization known as Electronic Travel Authorization.

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Canada eTA processing time

The processing time of Canadian eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a digital travel document. Applying for an eTA online is a simple process, and once it is granted, travel authorization will be electronically linked to your passport. If you plan to apply for an eTA, you are probably wondering how long the process takes. We will try to solve this doubt as soon as possible.

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How long is Canada eTA valid


As a general rule, visitors entering the country with an eTA authorization are allowed a maximum stay of six months. Upon arrival, the immigration services officer at the port of entry will determine exactly how long you can stay in Canada and will indicate in your passport the date on which you must leave the country.

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eTa full form


For those who want to travel to Canada, the ETA authorization is strictly necessary if they are from a visa-free country. In this regard, you may want to know, what is the eTA for Canada? The eTA accreditation is an electronic travel authorization that allows people who do not have a Canadian visa to visit the country for a time limit of 6 months.

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eTA meaning

Although it was at the end of 2016 when the use of this authorization for people from non-visa countries was implemented, there are still many questions around this necessary permission to enter Canada, which is called eTA.

For those who do not know, eTA means Electronic Travel Authorization and consists of a type of special accreditation, only for access by plane, through which citizens from the 45 countries exempt from Canadian visas are allowed to enter the territory for tourists or business reasons.

eTa meaning

eTa meaning

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Canada Visa eTA


(Electronic Travel Authorization)

Visa (or ETA) is a conditional authorization that is required to travel or to fly or to transit from any foreign country or to stay in any foreign country. A Canadian visa is required to travel to Canada for tourism or for the business purpose this is on a temporary basis. They are valid for some particular time duration only.

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eTa Canada apply/Canada Visa application

Eta Canada Visa/Canada Visa Application

How to apply

Most people think that Canada visa application is a very complicated process. But in fact, applying for an ETA is a simple and straightforward online procedure.  Most applicants receive their ETA approval (via an email) within a few minutes. But some applications may take several days to proceed especially if you are asked to submit supporting documents. It is best to get an ETA before booking your flight to Canada.

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eTA Visa Canada

What is ETA?

A web-based traveling verified the system has been used to apply for a Canadian visa by foreign nationals is called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The most advanced screening process of Canada for traveling is ETA. This program is interpreted as one of the initiatives of the Canadian traveling program. The government of Canada is undertaking this program along with the United States as a joint agreement for better protection of borders.

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