Where to travel?

Thanks to the globalized world in which we live, when we want to travel, we find many options. Because the world is so wide and in it, we can find different options of places to go in case we are planning to make a trip.

But this should not be taken lightly, because travel is one of the most important moments in people’s lives, when we leave our comfort zone and go to different places, with a different culture, we end up enriching ourselves and having extraordinary that will always remain in our memory.

And if there is a place worth visiting, it is Canada. Being the second-largest country in the world, only behind Russia, in this place we will find different types of landscapes, some of the most important cities in the world, wildlife, museums, bars, national parks, beaches, even Viking ruins.

The possibilities when you visit Canada are endless, that’s why year after year after year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the country of the maple leaf, ready to have fun like never before in life and to live wonderful experiences.

What do I need to know before traveling to Canada?

Before visiting another country, it is necessary to know a little about that place. Know, for example, what will be the places you will visit once you are there, where you will stay, what you will eat or things like the way public transport works.

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Things that, if you know them, will make your stay in the country you want to visit much easier. But, before knowing all those things, you must first find out what are the requirements that you have to meet to travel to that country.

Traveling to some countries may have very few requirements and very simple processes, but for some others, it may be necessary to meet a greater number of requirements as well as go through a slightly longer process.

Another important point to keep in mind is that depending on your nationality and the relations your country of origin has with the country you want to visit, then the process of obtaining permission to travel can be more complicated or much easier.

Let’s see what happens in the case of Swiss citizens who want to visit this beautiful country that is Canada.

Travel to Canada

Although Canada always has its doors open for all those who wish to visit them, they are careful with the requirements to obtain a visa that allows them to enter the country. They are not as rigorous as its neighbor of the south, but it is necessary to meet certain criteria before you can obtain a visa.

As we said above, depending on your nationality of origin, the process you must carry out to obtain the visa to enter Canada will be easier or more difficult.

Citizens of some countries are not eligible to apply for Canada visas for national security reasons; others must apply for a traditional visa, in which many requirements have to be met and which must be applied for from the Canadian embassy in the country of origin.

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And finally, the citizens of some countries can access a system that will allow them to obtain a visa to enter Canada in a simpler, faster, and much cheaper way.

This system is called ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization and as its name or it says it is a type of electronic permission to enter the country. Let’s see what this is about.

Canadian visa for Swiss citizens

Only some countries are eligible to apply for an ETA to enter Canada, as a benefit of the good relations that these countries have with Canada. Luckily, for all those Swiss citizens who want to visit Canada, Switzerland is among the countries that can access this benefit.

An ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a kind of permit that allows entry into a country, in this case Canada.

It differs from a traditional visa because it shows many more facilities to be applied for than a traditional visa, as well as a lower price and fewer requirements.

But even so, it is necessary to meet certain essential criteria as well as provide biometrics if required.

So if you are a Swiss citizen who wants to travel to Canada, you are making a great decision, because you will visit a place like no other and you will have experiences that you will always keep as a treasure in your memory.

Also, the process of getting an ETA to enter Canada for Swiss citizens is very simple, now let’s see what this process is about.

How to get a Canadian Visa for Swiss citizens

Firstly, it is necessary to fulfill a previous criteria, which is the following:

  • There must be shown to have sufficient financial means to finance the visit to Canada.
  • It is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the moment you plan to visit the country.
  • You must not have a criminal record.
  • Canadian laws must be respected.
  • The person wishing to visit Canada must ensure that will not look for work in the country.
  • The person who wishes to travel to the country must assure that they will not try to stay longer than their visa allows.
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If you meet these criteria, the process to request an ETA will be extremely simple. To do this, you only have to fill out a simple form, which is done in a matter of minutes; then you must provide your biometrics if these are requested.

Finally, you must pay a more than reasonable rate and that’s it. In a short time, you will receive confirmation in your email that your ETA has been approved.

But where can I do that?

Well, the answer is simple, if you are going to apply for a Canadian visa for Swiss citizens here the best thing is to contact specialists in this type of procedure, with the best prices on the market and also with the best service.

So don’t wait any longer and request your ETA to travel to Canada, because this will be a life-changing trip.

 Canadian Visa for Swiss citizens