Are you in the United States and be soon to travel to Canada? If so, there are some essential aspects you should know before your visit. Although going from the United States to Canada as a tourist is usually not very complicated, it can be troublesome if you are not sufficiently informed and prepared.
In this article, we will respond to questions like:

When do you need eTA Canada or a Canadian visa for US citizens?

What are the requirements to cross the US border to Canada?

Pay close attention to these fundamental aspects before preparing your next adventure to Canada.

Visiting Canada with US visa / Canada Visa for USA visa holders

Do I need an eTA to travel to Canada from the United States?

First of all, you have to be clear that the Canadian eTA is a mandatory electronic travel authorization for Non-US citizens who travel by plane from the US to Canada. However, it will not be necessary to process this document if you plan to enter Canadian territory by other means (train, bus, car, or boat). Also, only citizens of eligible countries can request this travel authorization. You get the eTA permit by filling in a simple online form. Once approved, it has a validity of 5 years or as long as your passport doesn’t expire. On the other hand, tourists who don’t have any of the valid nationalities to apply for Canada eTA will have to apply for a tourist visa to go to Canada.

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In conclusion, Non-US citizens will need an eTA, a visa, or just your passport to travel from the United States to Canada, depending on:

  • The type of travel document you have
  • The country that issued your travel document
  • The nationality or nationalities you have
  • The means of transport with which you will enter Canada

Please note: if you are currently a US citizen, you do not need any authorization (eTA for Canada) or visa (Canadian tourist visa). If you are a US national, you only need to show proper identification (valid passport) and comply with other requirements to enter Canada.

Requirements to cross the border from the United States to Canada

When you use an airplane, Non-US citizens will need to show the eTA on the arrival airport. For US citizens, you only need a valid passport. When it comes to passing the border by car (own or rental), eTA Canada is not required. However, citizens with nationalities who are not part of the eTA permit may need a visa to enter Canada. Are you in doubt? you can consult our support at
Once you are at the border with your vehicle, the immigration agent will ask you some basic questions such as:
What is your nationality?

    • When and what airport did you arrive?
    • Where are you going, and what is the reason for your trip?
    • Where will you stay in Canada (in case you are going to do it)?
    • When will you return to your country and from which airport will you?
    • Do you carry alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance?
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Once you correctly answer the questions asked by the border agent, he will stamp your passport and let you enter Canada.

Canada Visa for USA visa holders