Canadian Visa (electronic Visa – eTA) for Icelandic citizens.

The eTA Canada, also known as “Canadian Electronic Visa” is an electronic authorization or travel permit that allows foreign citizens to visit Canada for a certain period of time. This period of time must be less than 6 months. Since December 2016, the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) visa exemption is a mandatory immigration requirement for citizens of non-visa countries wishing to travel to Canada by air. Iceland is listed as one of them.

The Canadian e-Visa determines the eligibility of people who want to enter the country for tourism, business or transit. In order to visit Canada, foreign citizens must be holders of a visa for Canada or have a valid eTA. In this sense, if you belong to any of the non-visa countries and want to fly or transit through Canada, you need an eTA.

This includes citizens who carry Icelandic passports because this nation is part of the list issued by the Canadian government regarding those countries, who need this type of special authorization to visit Canada.

Icelandic citizens can apply for the eTA visa exemption online in almost one minute. Obtaining the eVisa or travel authorization for Canada is an automated, simple and straightforward electronic procedure. You need only a credit card and a valid passport to obtain an eTA that will last 5 years and will be useful until the passport expires.

What do I need in order to get an eTA?

The requirements to obtain an eTA if you are an Icelandic citizen are very simple. In fact, for all people who decide to fill out the application form for an eTA, only the following is requested:
– Valid passport (this must be valid and current, in addition to being from a country that is exempt from a visa.)
– Email address (must be valid and verified).
– Debit or credit card (It can be a prepaid, debit or credit card Visa ®, MasterCard ® or American Express ®.

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However, in some cases, it is necessary to attach other types of documents and take into account the information detailed below.
If you are a citizen of Iceland and wish to request an electronic Travel Authorization, you should check what are the steps to take according to your case, which can be…

– You are a citizen with dual nationality, that is, you have Icelandic and Canadian nationality: If you have both nationalities, it is always advisable to apply for a Canadian passport. Those with Canadian citizenship cannot apply for an eTA since it was created specifically for foreign visitors. Keep in mind that entry to the country can be denied if you only carry your Irish passport.
– You are an Icelandic citizen and you have permanent residence in Canada: This is a case very similar to the previous one. The eTA has been created for people who do not live in the country; therefore, a permanent resident cannot apply for one. You only need your PR card to be able to enter the country and transit within it.

Why visit Canada?

Visiting Canada can be a very satisfying experience for all tourists and merchants. If you want to know this country, you must read these interesting facts first:

– Canada has a small population compared to other large countries and is the third country with the purest air in the world, so you can relax and enjoy your trip peacefully.
– If you are a fan of natural water formations, Canada is for you. It has about 3 million lakes. This makes it the country with more lakes worldwide.
– You can visit some of its most curious places. It was in Canada where the world’s first UFO landing strip was created. In addition, they also have the deepest underground laboratory on the planet, which is located 2 kilometers underground.

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– Canada has the only walled city in North America. This is called Quebec and its capital, surrounded by stone walls, is over four hundred years old.
Are you an Icelandic citizen interested in traveling to this great and beautiful country? Do not worry, the process is very simple! You just need to make the most out of the information in this post and you can do it without any problems. Canada is waiting for you!