What is ETA?

A web-based traveling verified the system has been used to apply for a Canadian visa by foreign nationals is called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The most advanced screening process of Canada for traveling is ETA. This program is interpreted as one of the initiatives of the Canadian traveling program. The government of Canada is undertaking this program along with the United States as a joint agreement for better protection of borders.

Both have adopted a rule for the betterment of the security of borders shared among them. They are also working in collaboration for visa sharing and information immigration for travelers visiting any one country. Residents of some countries are in need to procure an ETA prior to departing for Canada. Countries whose citizens avail this program are Andora, Antigua, Anguilla, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Falkland Islands,  France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Solomon Islands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Taiwan, United Kingdom and many more.

eTA Visa Canada

eTA Visa Canada

Basics of Canadian ETA

The ETA of Canada is just like a digital traveling verification system that is in use in most developed countries including Australia and the United States. ETA suggests and ensures that an individual can visit Canada without any visa but this doesn’t ensure admission in Canada. Canadian border officials are the only ones who can tell us admissibility of travelers moving across the border to go into Canada.


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ETA is issued with the approval of a time period of 5 years. In some cases, its approval is granted till the expiry date of the passport. The approved ETA permits travelers a tour of only 6 months in Canada. But this time period of stay varies depending upon dates stamped on traveler’s passport authorized by the Canadian Border Officials. In order to ensure your visit to Canada with ETA, you should visit this website https://visa-canada.info/. This will provide a chance of applying for Canadian ETA.

Scope of ETA

Foreign nationals will require an ETA from visa-exempt countries including Europe nations along with Australia and New Zealand, Canadian citizens, US citizens or permanent Canadian residents who are being exempted from the need of a visa or Canadian ETA. Those foreign nationals who are in need of a visa to move to Canada are not eligible for ETA and still need a visa for going to Canada for transit, tourism, business work, educational and medical purposes.

Application for Canadian ETA

There is a need to approved ETA prior to the departure of travelers to Canada. All eligible ETA visitors will need an approved ETA irrespective of the age of the visitor. The complete application process for Canadian ETA is done online by performing several steps including submission of application, processing of payment as well as the issuance of ETA. Travelers will be in need to supply their passport, traveling and personal information including their name, date of birth, address along with complete details of employment on the application form of ETA. After submission of application, an approval authorization is granted and generated within a few minutes and this approval is connected to the passport holders of ETA. 


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Those applicants who have criminal records are eligible to apply on the Canadian ETA application form along with a clarification of their further circumstances. People who are suffering from any sort of disease or in severe poor medical condition can apply fo Canadian ETA application along with its further clearance in all situations. In the same way, those applicants who were previously rejected or denied for the Canadian ETA or visa are also eligible to reapply for an application of ETA. It also clarifies how much all the situations and circumstances have been changed for the visitors since the submission of their last application

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Advantages of ETA System

Enforcement of this program has provided assistance to Canada in obtaining the visions shared vision with the US for improvement of security of border and development of economic competitiveness. Both security and development are the main factors for the accelerating flow of both goods and people along with the maintenance and strengthening of their partnership. The main goal of this system is to provide eligible persons with a convenient way of procuring a traveling authorization to Canada.identification of inadmissible travelers including identification of those who have not any fly orders or vast criminal record along with prevention of residents in entry to the country. This system 


This system enables IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) easy stay and provided IRCC information along with the data in order to track the traveling patterns for visa exemption of foreign nationals who are departing from and entering into Canada. The Government was not eligible for the process of pre-screening for foreign nationals. Hence, ETA system has given IRCC a considerable enhancement in the border’s security.


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