There are many nations which are friendly to Canada and maintains a good, supportive, positive relations with Canada. The people of these countries generally do not require any type of visas like educational visa, work visa, business visa or tourist visa to enter Canada which are required by the people of other countries. So for them, the Government of Canada has introduced a new document authorization known as Electronic Travel Authorization.

What is a CANADA ETA?

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a necessary document required to enter Canada. ETA is only required by the people of the visa-exempt countries that is the people of the countries who do not require a visa to enter Canada. ETA has a certain validity period.

How much is an eTA for Canada?

How much is an eTA for Canada?

How much a Canadian ETA cost?

You can do it for 49 EUR only! no hassle, stress free 🙂 Apply easily here:

Documents required for Canada ETA?

1. A valid passport of visa-exempt country.
2. A valid email-id for communication.
3. A valid payment method



Before applying for ETA you should check whether you are belonging to a visa-exempt country in respect of Canada. Keep all your documents ready when you are going to apply online. Make sure that all the documents you are providing have the correct information.

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How much is an eTA Canada ?
Who needs an ETA Canada?

If you want to visit Canada for tourism, educational, work or business purposes you may need to have ETA while it’s not compulsory for everyone it’s only needed by those people whose home country lies within the Canada visa-exempt countries.



How to apply for ETA Canada?

The process of applying for Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada is not a tough one it is rather very simple and less time-consuming process. This is all possible due to the efforts made by modern technology. The process is so much easy that you do not need to leave your home for applying ETA.

For applying for ETA you only need to fill out the online application form correctly. To fill it completely you only need your passport, debit or credit card and a working email id. Filling the answers correctly in the application form will take just a few minutes and it will be done. But in some cases, it may acquire some time due to filling the form incorrectly or due to providing wrong information. Then again you have to provide your documents which are asked by the authority in order to finish the application process.