For those who want to travel to Canada, the ETA authorization is strictly necessary if they are from a visa-free country. In this regard, you may want to know, what is the eTA for Canada? The eTA accreditation is an electronic travel authorization that allows people who do not have a Canadian visa to visit the country for a time limit of 6 months.

Once you understand what this permission is about, you will wonder… How do I apply for a Canadian eTA?

eTa full form

eTa full form

The first thing to know is that the entire process to request an eTA is done through the web, so submitting an application is a relatively simple process. Any eligible traveler, that is to say, someone who has the necessary documents in order and is from an authorized country, must possess the following elements:

  1. Valid passport of a country that is exempt from visa.
  2. Valid email address.
  3. One of the following acceptable payment methods to pay the $49 feeĀ 


The next thing to keep in mind is that once the eTA application is started, the information cannot be saved for later. It means that the process must be completed at that moment. Moreover, you can only enter one person at a time, so everyone must do it individually, including children or minors.

After that, you can start the procedure, which follows the steps described below:

  1. Fill out the online eTA form with a valid passport.
  2. Pay the cost of processing the eTA with your credit or debit card.
  3. Receive an email about your eTA application.
  4. Validation of additional documents to approve the application (if applicable).

In the eTA full form, the applicant must complete the following personal information:

– Name and last name.

– Date of birth

– Country and city of birth

– Gender

– Civil status

– Nationality

Then, the following passport data will have to be provided:

– Number (passport code)

– Passport country

– Issue and expiration date

Also, the applicant must answer:

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– If they are a citizen of another country

– If they have requested to enter or remain in Canada in the past.


Once this step is finished, an email and a contact telephone number must be provided in addition to the address details. Then, the option to accept the established conditions will appear (it must be marked) and, finally, you have to do the payment by request of eTA. After the payment has been confirmed, the request is processed and the user receives its endorsement. An approved eTA authorization for Canada is valid for five consecutive years or until the passport expires.

Additional Information:

  • – In case the passport is no longer valid, the eTA must be renewed once the traveler has a new passport
  • – Although the requests are usually processed in a matter of minutes, sometimes extra documentation is required, which may delay a little the delivery.

eTa form