It is undoubtedly in stressful moments like these that the pleasure of travel can have more value. Travel to places where all our problems disappear and that we only find the beauty of the landscape, the cities and the excellent treatment of people. But very few places can provide us with such peace and tranquility, as well as that good treatment. But if there is a country that always has a good mood, that is Canada.

America as a whole is a wonderful continent. From north to south, a multitude of cultures, countries, people, monuments, landscapes, histories can be found… in short, it is a continent so broad in extension and so culturally rich that it would be difficult to list here all the places worth visiting on the continent.

But if there is a hemisphere of the American continent that deserves to be visited, that is the northern hemisphere, especially Canada. Because despite the fact that the States keep within several of the most important tourist places in the world, nothing compares to the natural wonders of the country of the maple leaf, which at the moment fills so much of peace and tranquility.

Places worth visiting in Canada

If we talk about the places that are worth visiting in Canada, it is necessary to emphasize the natural wonders that the country of the maple leaf has. Because, although its cities are spectacular and full of a multitude of things to do, it is in its extensive natural landscapes where the greatest tourist attraction of this country lies.

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To enter context: Canada is the second-largest country in the world, which means that its extension of the territory is so immense that we could hardly cover it all. But, despite being a huge country, the population is quite small compared to how it could be due to the size it has, which leaves us with thousands and thousands of miles of splendid natural landscapes.

Natural parks that are close to the Rocky Mountains, for example, extend as far as our eyes can see, offering us a landscape that is difficult to describe due to its great beauty. Inside, we will get to know several of Canada’s classic animal and plant species, as well as spot beautiful turquoise lakes, including immense glaciers. Elsewhere, like Churchill, you can even be close to polar bears.

How to visit Canada

Probably the first important point before embarking on a journey is to choose the destination to which we want to go. This is certainly difficult in a world where there are so many great countries to visit.

Once we have decided on the place we want to visit, we can move on to the second important point to correctly organize a trip. The second important point to correctly organize a trip is to find out what the country’s policies are when it comes to tourism and migration because the rest of the organization of the trip will largely depend on this since it is much more difficult to enter some countries than to others.

If the decision will be to travel to a place as splendid as Canada, then you certainly have to pay attention to the policies implemented by the maple leaf country. Because, despite not having as strict controls as its southern neighbor, its controls are not entirely easy. To enter Canada we can find various types of visas, as well as different levels of difficulty in obtaining permits to enter the country, depending mostly on your country of origin. Let us now see what these policies are in force in Canada.

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Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens

It is necessary to make it clear that, since March 18, foreigners from all countries cannot enter Canada. But that does not mean that you cannot plan a future trip to the country of the maple leaf.

To enter Canada for tourism, the two most popular permits are the Visa and the ETA. The visa is a traditional permit to enter a country, and the visa to enter Canada is the method that applies to the vast majority of the world’s nationalities who wish to enter the country of the maple leaf.

But on the other hand, we have the ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization, which is a benefit for certain countries. Why do we say benefit? Well, because an ETA has significant differences with a traditional visa, and among those differences, we find the ease of completing the process. Firstly because the ETA is an electronic procedure and can be done from anywhere in the world, and secondly because the requirements to obtain an ETA are much less than the requirements needed to obtain a visa.

How to get a Canadian visa for Japanese citizens

Japanese citizens are among those who can benefit from the ETA system, along with citizens from a few other countries. Therefore, all those citizens of Japan have a much easier time visiting this beautiful country that is Canada. But, even if the flights to enter Canada are suspended, there is no reason to be discouraged, because the ETAs are valid for up to 5 years. So this is the perfect time to start planning an upcoming trip to Canada, taking care of every point and why not? Apply for the ETA for Canada now

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As we have said, this is a rather simple procedure for which only some prerequisites need to be met, such as a passport with at least 6 months of validity from the moment you plan to enter the country, a debit card or credit that allows online payments, as well as meet some particular requirements.

I just know, in a simple way, an online form is filled out, it will not take more than a few minutes and, after this, it is sent and the approval of the ETA is expected, which only arrives in a few hours.

Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens

Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens