Traveling to Canada implies carrying out a series of legal processes based on obtaining visit and stay permits through visas or authorizations to the different countries of the world. For citizens from Saudi Arabia, these steps are summarized in the application for a tourist visa, which is necessary for all Saudi Arabians who want to enter Canadian territory, whether by plane, ship or other types of transport. To enter Canada for short stays of less than six months, a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) is required. Everything will depend on the country you are from. If you are from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will need a tourist visa, as required by law and the Canadian government.

How to apply for visa from Saudi Arabia

A tourist visa allows to:

– Visit the country or conduct short-term studies.

– Visit the country as a tourist for a maximum of 6 months.

– Study a maximum of 6 months.

– A tourist visa DOES NOT allow work.

How to apply for a Canada visa from Saudi Arabia

How to apply for visa from KSA

In this way and knowing the basic information of this type of visa, it is important to know how to apply for a Canada visa from Saudi Arabia.



  1. The first thing an applicant must do is to download the application form and verify if they have all the documents in order. The passport is the main requirement in these cases. 

Note: Previously, in Saudi Arabia, all women needed their guardian’s permission to obtain their passport and travel outside the country. However, for 21 years and older women, this restriction was softened, so they can now travel without the permission of their guardian or tutor. In the case of women under that age, a signed authorization will be required.

  1. Then, you must fill in the form with the requested information, which usually consists of personal data and passport or travel document details. This form must be filled in, dated and signed completely. Furthermore, it must be done on a computer, printed and validated to generate a barcode.
  2. The next step is to complete the VFS consent form. Without this, your request will be returned.
  3. Application for Temporary Resident Visa.

Once you have the application form and the consent form, you must record the documents in a Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC). Here you will be requested to provide some documents as follows:

    • VFS consent form.
    • Family information.
    • Information about travel history if there’s a background.
    • Two photos. If you need to give your biometrics as part of your application, you do NOT need to include paper photos with your application as they will be taken when you give your biometrics.
    • Passport or legal and valid travel document.
    • Travel plan: if you plan to visit other countries.

– Names of other individuals (not included in your family information form) with whom you are traveling.



  1. Finally, you must pay the visa and biometric fee (if applicable) as well as service charges. After that, you will be given a receipt with a control number that will allow you to monitor the status of your application online.


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– If you plan to visit friends or family in Canada, you will need an invitation letter and supporting documents that show they can be legally in Canada.

– If you are going to Canada for business, you will need the invitation letter from the party in Canada with whom you will conduct direct business.

– If you travel for studies, you will need a letter of acceptance from the Admissions or Registrar’s Office of a Canadian school and a copy of your valid Study Permit.