The processing time of Canadian eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a digital travel document. Applying for an eTA online is a simple process, and once it is granted, travel authorization will be electronically linked to your passport. If you plan to apply for an eTA, you are probably wondering how long the process takes. We will try to solve this doubt as soon as possible.

General considerations Canada eta processing time

Applying for an eTA online often takes less than an hour. In fact, you only have to wait a few minutes after sending it to receive an email with the results of the request. Although some, at the discretion of the relevant authorities, are asked to send additional documentation, which can add several days to the time you need for the application. When you are done with the information sections of the applicant, what you should do is send it, pay and wait for the status update that will arrive by email. You can check the status of your eTA application at any time by visiting the eTA status checking page.

Canada eTA processing time

Canada eTA processing time

How long does it take to gather the documentation?

If you have all the documents you need to send your eTA to Canada, the application should only take 20 to 45 minutes. However, it may take longer if you have to gather the documents. For your eTA, you need two documents: a passport and your travel itinerary, if you had already purchased the plane tickets. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the plane ticket on your computer so you can find it quickly.

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If you do not have a passport, obtaining your passport can take a considerable amount of time. Although it may be annoying to have to look in the closet to discover where it is hidden, it is much more stressful to realize that you must apply for a passport or renew it. Depending on your citizenship, it may take several weeks or months to receive your passport. In most countries, it takes between four and six weeks to process passport applications, although in others it takes even longer. Fortunately, there are countries that offer a fast service that allows you to receive your passport in less than two weeks if you pay an additional fee for it.

eTA processing time

eTA processing time

If all goes well, you could receive the results of the request in your email tray within a few minutes of sending it. However, it is always a good idea to consider possible delays and complications. If your application does not pass the security controls and is marked, you must provide additional documentation. Depending on the problem in question, this could take several months. If you think you might have a security-related problem, such as a criminal record, a previously rejected application or a TB-related issue, then you should fill out the eTA several months before planning a visit to Canada.



Canadian eTA applications are usually quick and easy. If you have no complications, it should only take an hour or so to receive authorization. However, there are several factors that can delay the time it takes to request and receive a response. It is always better to anticipate and be prepared so that the waiting time is as short as possible.

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