How long can I stay in Canada

This is always a complicated subject for anyone wishing to visit Canada and stay there. If you are planning your vacation in Canada or you are visiting your family, if you want to stay in Canada for business or as a traveler, you will need to have certain documents and fulfill certain requirements. No matter the reason for your stay you need to have valid travel documents in order to be permitted to enter the country of Canada. At the point of entry, the agents of the border patrol can determine if you can stay for more or less than 6 months. If this is the case, the agent will indicate on your passport the date on which you need to leave the country. The agent can also provide you with a written document.

How long can I stay in Canada

If your passport is not stamped, you are authorized to stay in Canada for the duration of 6 months, maximum, starting from the day that you entered Canada or until the expiration of your passport during the first evaluation. The citizens of certain countries can also ask for a temporary residency visa in order to come to Canada. This document is linked to your passport. You can acquire this visa in your local office for Canadian visas. The citizens of countries that do not need to issue visas, can acquire an electronic travel authorization (eTA) This document is also linked to your passport. 


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The maximum duration of stay for your visit to Canada

When you enter Canada, the agent of the border patrol adds a stamp in your passport. Verify if there is a date written on your passport. You need to leave Canada until that day expires. Generally, visitors can stay in Canada for a maximum duration of six months. In order for you to stay longer, you need to ask for a prolongation of your stay at least 30 days before the expiration of your visitor status. 

Business trip: how long can I stay

If you are visiting Canada to create a business partnership, to assist in a conference or for whatever reason you need to:

  • obtain the necessary documents to enter Canada
  • respect the conditions and the requirements for entering Canada
  • declare that you do not wish to work in Canada
  • declare also that your business and your profits are situated mostly outside of Canada


Visit your family in Canada

If your children or grandchildren are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, you can ask for a “super visa” for parents and grand-parents. This super visa will permit you to stay in Canada for the maximum duration of two years. Also, contrary to other visitors, you do not need to ask for a prolongation of stay. 

In order for you to get the super visa you need to:

  • prove that your family has enough money to accommodate you
  • have a written document proving that your family can assist you financially in your time of need
  • prove that you have valid medical insurance in front of a Canadian authority for at least a month
  • pass a medical exam

How long can I be in Canada