In recent years, governments have made many modifications regarding the documents that people need to enter other countries; this has been due to updates in-laws, adaptation to new trends or needs of citizens, among other factors. For that reason, when we plan to visit another country, we must carry out arduous searches in order to know what the mandatory requirements are, and this is the purpose of this article. If you plan to visit the coldest nation in North America, you may be wondering… Do I need a passport to go to Canada? And you will find the answer by continue reading…
All citizens, regardless of nationality, need to have a valid passport up to one day after leaving Canada. This is because visitors must be able to prove their identity, lack of criminal records and evidence of air ticket or reservation to leave Canada, in addition to financial solvency.
Economic solvency is only an indispensable requirement if the applicant is the one who pays for the trip. In that case, you can present the following documents as financial solvency: income statements, proof of savings, travelers checks… If someone from Canada or from your home country is paying for the trip, you must prove the financial solvency of both the applicant and who pays the trip or part of it.
However, there are some cases in which it is not mandatory to carry the document in question. In this way, you will be exempt from the obligation to present a valid passport if you are in any of the following situations:- You are a Canadian citizen and you have an identity card, birth certificate or citizenship document.
– You have a legal permanent residence permit in Canada and you have documents to prove it.
– You are a US citizen and you can prove it by presenting your birth certificate or naturalization documents.
– You come from Saint Pierre and Miquelon or USA. And you have a legal permanent residence permit in the US and a green card.
– You are a resident French citizen or you are from Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
– You have the nationality and reside in Greenland.

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Do you need a passport to Canada
In addition, the passport is strictly necessary if you come from visa and non-visa countries. For those who require a visa, one of the necessary documents to obtain it is the passport. And the same happens in the case of visa-exempt countries; people originating from them require a special travel permit called eTA (electronic travel authorization) and, to request it, it is obligatory to have the passport up to date.
Finally, it is important that you understand that it is your sole responsibility to make sure that you and the children traveling with you have all the necessary documents to enter or be in transit in each region. In the same way, it is prudent to verify the requirements of each country, since the documents that you must have for the outward journey may differ from those of the return trip.


Do you need a passport to go to Canada?