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How to get a Canadian Visa

A Visa is an essential document which acts as a permit to set foot in a foreign country. It’s a requirement for every country in the world. Different states have different types of Visa. However, they are serving the same purpose. Getting a Visa is not a one-day thing. It takes time for you as a foreigner to get a Visa to get in  another country.

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How long can an American stay in Canada

How long can an American stay in Canada?

Canada is perhaps the friendliest country in the world. U.S citizens like to make fun of it, and sometimes question whether it’s even a real country, but Canadians always turn the other cheek. One of the ways they turn the other cheek is by giving U.S citizens an open door to the country. If you are wondering how long can an American stay in Canada, here are the details you need to give it a rest.

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