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What is ETA Canada?

Travelling to other countries by country nationals during vacation or for attending friends and family event  has been a trend today. Among many countries in the world, Canada is definitely a dream destination for travellers. During the end of 2016, Canadian government created a new rule that foreign nationals from visa exempt countries would need ‘Electronic Travel Authorization  (ETA)’ document as a pre-requisite to visit Canada by air instead of an entry visa.

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What is the beautiful city in Canada?

With 9.98 million square kilometre area, ten provinces and three territories spanning from the Pacific to the Atlantic and northward into the Antarctic Ocean, Canada is the second largest country by total area. It’s one of the travellers’ ‘must visiting places’ in the world being mother of 7 major beautiful cities -Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Quebec and Ottawa (source: Wikipedia)

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When did Canada Gain Independence ?

Canada gained its full independence in 1982 but before then other events led to its full independency. Canada’s full independence was a gradual process. Canada’s independence is legally grouped into three main stages which include;

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What is the drinking age in Canada ?

Adulthood is fun since you get to do pretty much whatever you like – provided it isn’t against the law. One of the things most young people look forward to about growing up is buying and drinking alcohol as they please. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility.

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How to get a Canadian Visa

A Visa is an essential document which acts as a permit to set foot in a foreign country. It’s a requirement for every country in the world. Different states have different types of Visa. However, they are serving the same purpose. Getting a Visa is not a one-day thing. It takes time for you as a foreigner to get a Visa to get in  another country.

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Application for Canada Visa

Do you need a passport to get into Canada ?

According to Canadian law, each and every person entering into Canada have to carry proof of citizenship and identity. When entering into Canada, a passport would be more than important when it comes to signing into organizations. 

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