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Canadian visa application

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Eta Canada Visa/Canada Visa Application

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA): How to apply

Most people think that Canada visa application is a very complicated process. But in fact, applying for an ETA is a simple and straightforward online procedure.  Most applicants receive their ETA approval (via an email) within a few minutes. But some applications may take several days to proceed especially if you are asked to submit supporting documents. It is best to get an ETA before booking your flight to Canada.

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What is ETA?

A web-based traveling verified the system has been used to apply for a Canadian visa by foreign nationals is called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The most advanced screening process of Canada for traveling is ETA. This program is interpreted as one of the initiatives of the Canadian traveling program. The government of Canada is undertaking this program along with the United States as a joint agreement for better protection of borders.

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